Product feed automation and dropship catalog management

How It Works

Wise2Sync is a dropship inventory automation and management software which specializes in monitoring, integrating, and updating product data from your dropship suppliers to your eCommerce platform.

In other words: we have access to your suppliers feeds and our software monitors it constantly. This includes prices, quantities, descriptions, categories, images and all the other information that your suppliers provide.




Powerful automation tools will help save you time. Features like product filtering and price markup will help you have full control of your data.


Category mapping

Category names you are using in your eCommerce platform aren’t always the same that ones used by suppliers to reference products. Category mapping helps transform data that way, so all pro... Read more »

Price markup

Add price markup to your products to maximize profit. We’ve developed this flexible functionality, which allows adding price markup in many ways. Each export profile can have multiple pric... Read more »

Dynamic attributes

This feature gives flexibility of creating new attributes and setting values, based on preferred conditions. Most often cases of use: Volume of the product (if height, width and length present) ... Read more »

Export profiles

Export profile is a connection with your eCommerce (sales) platform. There can be multiple export profiles for one sales channel – as well as multiple sales platforms can use one export pr... Read more »

Product filtering

Sync only products you want. Each export profile can generate different sets of products based on your preferences. This is useful when you only want to Sync certain products based on specific c... Read more »

Price alternatives

Growing amount of suppliers increases chances of product duplicates. This means, that multiple suppliers can having the same products different price. Wise2Sync checks for duplicates and selects... Read more »

Manufacturer mapping

Different suppliers tend to give different names to product manufacturers. As a result, such names as “HP”, “HP Corp.” and “Hewlett Packard” will be treated a... Read more »

Attribute mapping

Attributes are almost always named differently per supplier. Therefore, using Wise2Sync you can map attributes, so “description” and “long_description” will be delivered as one. For some supplie... Read more »

Product images

Images speak louder than words. In case one supplier does not have images for certain product (however, he offers best wholesale price), Wise2Sync searches for images from your other available s... Read more »


Below is a list of some biggest wholesale companies we’ve connected with Wise2Sync.
Let us know if your supplier is not listed here. We will discuss integration possibilities.



~90,000 products in catalog

VidaXL is an international online retailer, with headquarters in Venlo, The Netherlands. They offer a range of products – a vast array in catego... Read more »

Matterhorn Wholesale

~180,000 products in catalog

Matterhorn Wholesaler entered business in 2004. Since then they’ve been offering wide range of products in the field of women’s wear. They... Read more »


~14,000 products in catalog

One of the largest distributors of IT products and solutions in Europe and Central Europe. More than 36 000 products from 10 000 partners and 40... Read more »


~45,000 products in catalog

ALSO brings providers and buyers of the ICT industry together. The company offers services at all levels of the ICT value chain from a single so... Read more »

ACC Distribution

~20,000 products in catalog

ACC Distribution is computer components and additional equipment wholesaler, company works in several countries since 1998. Company has more tha... Read more »


~140,000 products in catalog

BigBuy is a B2B wholesale platform supplying a rich product catalogue. It offers famous brands like AEG, Babyliss, Adidas, Aveda, Armani, Barbie... Read more »


~10,000 products in catalog

Midocean enables companies to create brand awareness​ by delivering the perfect personalized gift​s, such as bags, notebooks, phone accessories,... Read more »

Sandman Group

~18,000 products in catalog

Sandman Group, founded in 1992, is among the leading wholesale and distribution companies in the Baltics with a customer base covering a wide ra... Read more »

Integration with Your Store

Wise2Sync is not optimised for one particular platform – it can be connected with any e-commerce shop. It does not matter if it is WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify or your custom made solution.

Our developed extensions and integrations allows you to start using Wise2Sync within a few minutes. Install, configure and start adding new products from any supplier to your shop.

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