Export profiles

Export profile is a connection with your eCommerce (sales) platform. There can be multiple export profiles for one sales channel – as well as multiple sales platforms can use one export profile.

Most popular method of connection is an import of data file to your eCommerce platform.  Wise2Sync can generate output in different formats:

  • TXT / CSV
  • XML
  • JSON

In case you already have requirements for export template – Wise2Sync allows custom templates, which can be configured manually or automatically:

Export Template

With template builder you can generate such XML file, which can be validated against already predefined XSD schema.

Most recent export results are stored for debugging purposes. This way you can review what information was generated by export profile in the past days.

Additionally, each export profile can have customizable products filter – this is where you can set which products will be exported to your sales channel.

Product filtering

You can have as many export profiles as you wish, which will generate information like:

  • sku, stock and price
  • sku and images only
  • data from certain suppliers or from certain categories etc.

Export profile can by executed multiple times a day – so the chances of selling “out of stock” item become minimal.

In case you are a wholesaler who is searching for a product feed automation – Wise2Sync can be a useful tool. Each export profile, based on you preferences, can generate individual XML files and upload them to your retailers FTP. Simple, yet powerful solution for products segmentation: price markdown for certain categories, blocking of certain manufacturers etc. We also have slightly different pricing for for export profile oriented wholesalers.

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