Price markup

Add price markup to your products to maximize profit. We’ve developed this flexible functionality, which allows adding price markup in many ways.

Each export profile can have multiple pricing rules. This way, you can have different pricing strategy on every sales channel.

The most basic usage would be to create one rule, which adds percentage on product cost (for example add 20% on all products).

However – usually this is not enough, because:

  • Cheaper products will never generate enough profit
  • Some suppliers have fixed order processing cost
  • There is big competition with some products in the market

Therefore, usually multiple pricing rules are used to apply different markup for different sets of products. Example:

Repricing rules

Multiple rules can be applied for individual product: for example, first specific rule adds markup and the second one (which is global) will add VAT on top.

Each pricing rule has conditions configurator – so you can set criteria’s based on these attributes and their combinations:

Repricing rules

Example above means: if all of the conditions are met, add 10% to cost price.

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