Dynamic attributes

This feature gives flexibility of creating new attributes and setting values, based on preferred conditions.

Most often cases of use:

  • Volume of the product (if height, width and length present)
  • Dynamic delivery time
  • Product weight class
  • Product visibility (in case product QTY is 0, then product should not be visible)
  • Original price (in case you want to export it as well)
  • Attribute set, which is dependent on categories

Each new dynamic attribute has three parameters:

  • Attribute Code – can be useful if you want this to match you sales platform ID
  • Label – human readable, so you know what this attribute is
  • Value Type – two options possible: text or number

Value assignment is based on conditions. Lets take a “Delivery time” example. The objective here is to make an attribute, which would hold product delivery time value.

Image below states: if product supplier is “ABC Data” and product is assigned to one of these categories, the delivery time is “1-3 working days”.

Dynamic Attributes

There can be multiple conditions based on category, supplier, manufacturer etc. Each condition can be merged with an operator AND or OR.

For each possible delivery time, we would create a new rule:

Dynamic Attributes

In case none of the rules is applied, you can set a default value (f.e. “Call before ordering”).

These custom dynamic attributes can be used in export profilesproduct filteringprice markup functionality.

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