VidaXL product feed integration & automation

~ 90,000 products in catalog

VidaXL is an international online retailer, with headquarters in Venlo, The Netherlands. They offer a range of products – a vast array in categories like home & garden, furniture, sporting goods, and many more. VidaXL product feed is rich with descriptions, barcodes, images, and can be provided in multiple European languages.

With Wise2Sync  you can import VidaXL products to your eCommerce platform or supported marketplace.

How it works?

Data Collection. We access your VidaXL product feed to download the complete product catalog, including images and product data, onto our servers.

Data Processing. Utilize Wise2Sync features to customize your final product catalog. This involves product attribute mapping, category and brand mapping, price markup rules, and more. Our app allows to build your VidaXL products catalog, which is ready for integration with your eCommerce platform (like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce) or marketplace (,,, etc.).

Product Create & Update. Once Wise2Sync and your sales channel is connected, inventory changes at VidaXL are automatically updated within Wise2Sync and on the export profiles you are using. Should an item go out of stock at VidaXL, it will be automatically updated everywhere or removed until it becomes available again.

VidaXL and Wise2Sync integration

Why chose Wise2Sync?

Integration service. At Wise2Sync we are not selling just another “import plugin”. With us you are getting an integration service. This is what puts us apart from other competitors as our goal is to make sure the integration really works. We will do the setup and configuration for you, ensuring optimal use of our service and app.

Resource efficient. Product filtering and other manipulations with product data is very server resource intensive. Since all theses actions are performed on our servers, product import and inventory sync has as little as possible impact on your store performance. So if you are adding VidaXL products to  your store, your store does not need to download or process the full 50k products catalog – our servers do it, processes it and then only final result is imported to your store.

Multiple suppliers to choose from. Integrate Wise2Sync with your eCommerce platform to import products from over 100 connected EU suppliers. Explore a diverse catalog of suppliers beyond VidaXL

Support. At Wise2Sync, we are committed to guiding our clients at every stage. Our support team is available five days a week to address any issues or concerns you may have with VidaXL product feed integration.

Running an eCommerce shop comes with its challenges, and Wise2Sync understands the complexities of product catalog management. We are committed to automating and simplifying this process. Interested in learning more about how Wise2Sync can assist you with VidaXL product sync? Reach out to us, and we’ll be delighted to discuss your ideas and provide guidance.


An agreement needs to be made with VidaXL before we can start importing their products. Contact VidaXL directly to acquire logins or access information to their products feed.

Integrate VidaXL with your platform

Wise2Sync is not optimised for one particular platform – it can be connected with any e-commerce shop. It does not matter if it is WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify or your custom made solution.

Our developed extensions and integrations allows you to start using Wise2Sync within a few minutes. Install, configure and start adding new products from any supplier to your shop.

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