Magento 2 product import & export

Magento 2 is an open-source e-commerce platform that was first released in 2008, and completely rebuild in 2015.


Our Wise2Sync connector extension with Magento 2 is developed by Magento-Certified developers with a focus on flexibility, functionality, and server resource efficiency. This integration allows the import of new products and existing inventory sync without technical interruptions.

Import profiles
Magento 2 connector supports multiple import profiles. This is convenient when during the day you want to synchronize stock and prices, and during the night – create new products and upload images.

Three import modes are available:

  • Update existing products
  • Create new and update existing products

Know what processes are running

The product import and sync process can take from a few seconds to half an hour or more. This depends on the size of the catalog and server resources. The task list shows a summary of import processes and times when they were executed. The import process will not start a new task if the previously started import is not completed.

Main features:

  • Quick install and configuration;
  • Asynchronous download and import of images;
  • Archive of import tasks and statistics;
  • No coding is needed – all configuration is done in the admin panel;
  • Testing Mode – helps speed up debugging and troubleshooting;
  • Prevention of multiple import processes running simultaneously;
  • Disable products in your store if they are missing from suppliers (after a certain period)
  • An extension is optimized for large quantities of products.

Extension for Magneto 2 supports product import (from Wise2Sync) and export (to Wise2Sync). Set up fee will be applied due to the complexity of this integration. Contact us for more information.

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Connect directly with your suppliers network. Over 110 of the largest wholesale suppliers companies are now connected through Wise2Sync.
Automate your product sourcing, attribute mapping, categorizing, and price markup tools.
Integrate stock sync, product details, and images directly into .

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Let us know if your supplier is not listed above. Most likely, we will integrate their products feed with our platform free of charge.

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