Setup & Configuration

Wise2Sync offers a setup and configuration service to facilitate efficient data syncing from multiple sources to various destinations. The process includes a free discovery call, setting up your Wise2Sync account, accessing and downloading products from suppliers, and linking your sales channel (e.g., ecommerce platform) with Wise2Sync.

The service includes an onboarding call to discuss the integration process, explore features, and answer any questions. The initial setup may take up to 10 working days, with support available for any issues or assistance required.

Why is Setup&Configuration needed

Our primary goal is to ensure that Wise2Sync effectively resolves issues and that your integration uses the best approach. We are addressing a complex problem, syncing data from multiple sources to various destinations. We aim to do this correctly and, most importantly, ensure that you understand how to use Wise2Sync’s features and how your integration operates. You’re not just purchasing an extension from us, but an integration service.

We believe that understanding your needs and making the correct setup from the start is key to long-term success and business growth.


Before you sign up, we offer a free Discovery Call. In this call, we’ll learn about your case and determine your needs for getting started with Wise2Sync. It’s also an opportunity for you to understand our services, what you can expect from us, and to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Setup and Configuration flow

Depending on your integration setup, here is the information we may request before proceeding with the setup:

  • Access to supplier feeds. This is crucial if you plan to sync products from suppliers. Your suppliers will provide you with links to XML feeds, API keys, or other authentication information.
  • Access to your online store. If you plan to use WordPress, Magento, or any other self-hosted e-commerce store, we will need access to the admin panel.
  • Access to server. Some of our connector plugins (such as Magento, WordPress, PrestaShop etc.) require a separate CRON command to run import/export tasks asynchronously.

Once we possess all the necessary information and access for setup, we commence with a proof of concept. This is done to demonstrate and validate the feasibility of the entire integration process, like fully synchronizing 10-20 products.

This includes actions such as:

  • Upload all product data from your suppliers to your Wise2Sync account.
  • Mapping of main attributes: Price, Stock, EAN, SKU, Product Name, Product Description, Images, etc.
  • Set up repricing rules, export profiles, export filters, and so on.
  • If needed, we will install and configure the Wise2Sync Connector plugin on your store.

Once we are ready, we will schedule a video call with you, which we refer to as an “Onboarding Call”. During this call, we will:

  • Explain how your integration works (the entire information flow).
  • Explore all features together and make necessary adjustments to meet your needs.
  • Guide you on the next steps you can take.
  • Our Q&A section is dedicated to answering your questions. We ensure you understand how to use Wise2Sync features and how your integration functions.

We will do our utmost to ensure:

  • You are well-acquainted with the integration process.
  • You are familiar with using Wise2Sync features and can adjust preferences, such as modifying product filters or price markups.


What happens if I don’t want to grant access to my store/server?

If you prefer not to grant us access to your store, that’s perfectly fine. We will provide the necessary instructions so that you or a specialist of your choosing can perform the tasks. However, please note that some technical knowledge is required, and this could impact the final result.

How Long Does Setup & Configuration Take?

The initial setup can take up to seven working days, assuming we have all the necessary data. Once complete, we will arrange an “Onboarding Call” to review all your setup details.

What happens if I continue to struggle with Wise2Sync even after one video call?

We can schedule several onboarding calls, totaling up to 3 hours, to answer your questions and provide guidance.

Will I receive support if something isn’t working correctly or if I need assistance using Wise2Sync?

Absolutely! Our support team is on standby to assist you if you encounter any bugs, notice that product information is outdated, or have questions about using any features. We will guide you on how to achieve your goals and stock your shop with the products you desire.

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