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Pigu.lt / 220.lv / kaup24.ee / Hobbyhall.fi is the biggest eCommerce platform in the Baltic states: Lithuania (Pigu.lt), Latvia (220.lv), Estonia (Kaup24.ee) and Finland (Hobbyhall.fi). Company offers nearly 3M consumer products, including household appliances, electronics, beauty & fashion, children goods, sports, DIY etc. Company is the only online retailer in the region to implement advanced warehouse management systems.

Wise2Sync is a drop-ship inventory automation and management software which specializes in monitoring, integrating, and updating product data between sellers and eCommerce platforms.

In other words – we can make a technical connection between your inventory system and Pigu.lt.

How does it work?
Before your products can appear on Pigu.lt, we need to connect your platform to Wise2Sync (check our suppliers list to see if you are not connected yet). If you are using one of the widely used ecommerce platforms like Magento, OpenCart etc. – most likely we can build this XML file for you free of charge. However, this could be achieved by your developer to prepare a system for integration.

After your products appear on Wise2Sync – you can configure price markups, product filtering, category attribute mapping and much more. Once the configuration is done – you are set to go!

We take care of the monitoring and make sure that new products and stock levels with prices are updated on Pigu.lt automatically.

What technical knowledge do I need?
None! We can help you with the things like mapping of categories and manufacturers, setting up product filters, price markups. The technical integration part is done by us.

How long does it take before my products appear on Pigu.lt?
There are multiple factors to be considered how ready is your website. One of the factors is the number of products you have and the complexity of products catalog. Usually, the whole setup and
integration procedure takes ~ 1-2 weeks.

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Connect directly with your suppliers network. Over 110 of the largest wholesale suppliers companies are now connected through Wise2Sync.
Automate your product sourcing, attribute mapping, categorizing, and price markup tools.
Integrate stock sync, product details, and images directly into .

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Let us know if your supplier is not listed above. Most likely, we will integrate their products feed with our platform free of charge.

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