Suppliers from Greece

Products import automation from suppliers and wholesalers in Greece


~14,000 products in catalog

PoliB2B – it’s a European furniture wholesaler from Greece with over 30 years of experience. It offers solid quality products at the lowest poss... Read more »


~6,000 products in catalog

B2BMarkt – it’s a furniture wholesaler from Greece with over 35 years of experience. Supplier offers good quality for a great price and the prod... Read more »


~1,400 products in catalog

AlphaB2B  is a furniture, lighting elements and interior product wholesaler from Greece. They offer a wide selection of kitchen, bathroom, bedro... Read more »


~2,000 products in catalog

Zougris SA is a Greek company which specializes in diverse selections of chairs, armchairs and stools. It has a huge range of interior and exter... Read more »


InTheBox is a Greek company which is owned by Liberta. They specialize in interior design and offer best quality and price ratio products. Their... Read more »


~1,200 products in catalog

Liberta is a furniture wholesaler from Greece with over 30 years of experience. They supplies a wide variety of top brands furniture and interio... Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Discover or select suppliers and send us your company details to create an account,
  2. Sign contracts with suppliers and receive access/login to product information feed and provide it to us,
  3. After receiving the necessary data, we will bring the product information to your Wise2Sync account,
  4. You complete the configuration and start the import.
The rates for connecting a new supplier depend on the complexity of the integration and whether it will be an individual solution for you. Get in touch and we will make an offer after evaluating the information provided by the supplier.
In this case, the most optimal plan would be Pro + two additional providers. The total price of the integration is 157 eur + VAT (if you do not pay VAT in your country).
No, the Wise2Sync product is not intended for customer order processing. Wise2Sync is a dropshipping supplier product information automation system that connects product suppliers with sales channels. In other words: we have access to your supplier data and our software sends and updates product data, processes it, and imports it to your e-commerce platform.
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